Creep/Spider RPfic part 1

(( Me and Creepmod finally rp’d them mating. You all finally get to read it. Sorry if the format is hard to differentiate between them but @v@ Enjoy~ ))

Part 1.

NSFW under the cut.

He waits for him, sitting on edge of the bed Creep led him to. He blushes, unsure of what to do but eager to learn.  It isn’t long before Creep joins him on the bed, laying back and pulling Spider on top of him. Creep smiles, sitting beside him.

"I’ll teeeach you as we go along, mm..?"

He leans up to give Spider a smooch. He smiles back and gives a nod.

"I think that’d be for the best…after all I’m a hands-on learner…it’s easier for me to learn on the go.." Spider smirks.

"Verrrry hands-on, if I may be so bolllld.." Creep purrs, idly working on undoing the other’s tie as he places a few kisses to his cheek. He hums back in pleasure, lovingly kissing his cheek with a grin. "You love it though~" He helps undress Creep as well, assuming that would be the first course of action.

"I dooo, I dooo..~" He lightly runs his hands against Spider’s chest once he’s gotten his clothes out of the way, murmuring a bit as he trails them down to his pants. "You’re beauuutiful, you know."

"You are too~ Don’t ever think you’re not sweetheart." He replies, gently nuzzling his bare chest once he’s also removed the clothing. "Your skin is very soft as well. You take such good care of it~"

"Either that, or it was always this naturally perfect."

He blushes a deep red, managing a soft chuckle as he hooks his fingers around the waistline of Spider’s trousers. “Oh, ssstop…~” Slowly, he undoes the button and zipper and simply slides his palm against him through the fabric of his boxers.

"S-squeeet" He lets out a breathy gasp and arches into his hand, removing Creep’s pants and kissing down his neck to his chest, where he suckles on the nipple a little.

He gives a soft squeet in response, biting his lip as his nipple was suckled at. After fully removing Spider’s pants and boxers, he takes him in his hand and strokes softly, idly.. “Mm.. there’s a small paaackage in the back pocket of my paaants, if you’d care to grab it..”

"Aahh~ Y-yess lovee~" He reaches down to the discarded clothing and rummages through the pocket to pull out said package, curious as to what it is. "What is this thing, Creep?"

"A connndom, love. It will make things eeeasier. Do you know how to put one onnn..?" he questions softly, resuming rubbing his fingers against Spider’s cock once he’d fetched the small object.

"Hhnnnhnn!" He shakes his head slightly and blushes. He vaguely remembers something about condoms from what he was told…something about preventing babies… but he wasn’t entirely sure how they worked or what they even looked like for that matter.

Chuckling, he gently takes it from him and unwraps it. “I’ll do it forrr you then..~” He places a soft kiss to his lips before reaching down to roll the condom over the other’s length. It was decidedly slick to the touch — pre-lubricated. “N-Now..” He brings a hand up to Spider’s mouth, smirking. “Caaare to wet my fingers, darling? I.. have to prepaare myself, a bit..”

"Wiiiii-Wiiithhh Ppleasureee" He grins and licks around his fingers, shivering at the wet condom around him. It felt so strange, yet good in a weird way. He absolutely loved it. He purred loudly around the fingers, his hands rubbing along Creep’s thighs and sides.

He lightly swirls his fingers around Spider’s tongue, watching as the digits were coated in that lovely green saliva of his. Eventually he removed them from the other’s mouth and slipped his hand down beneath himself, pushing past the tight ring of muscle with a soft grunt. To keep his love from getting too curious, he pulls him into another kiss as he readies himself.. he was more than a little embarrassed about it, probably.

"Mmmmmnn~" He purred lovingly into the kiss, enjoying every ounce of this lovely attention he was receiving. He delved his tongue into the other’s mouth, french kissing him passionately while reaching with one of his roving hands to stroke at Creep’s length. He wasn’t sure what his love was doing with this other hand, but he was so lost in the lust that he was simply living in the moment with little to no thought.

He suckled softly at his tongue for a second or two before pulling away, withdrawing his hand in the process. “Alriiight.. mmh..” He pushes Spider up into a sitting position. Shyly, he brings his legs up a bit as he reaches for his love’s cock, stroking at it for a moment before he scooted up into his lap a little. “Mussst I still guide you, or..?”

He looks at him a little worried. “I think if… if you just…. sit…. I’ll get the hang of it from there…” He blushes red, touching noses with him and wrapping his arms around his waist gently. His thumbs idly rub circles on the skin.

"I-I kinda know how it goes…somewhat"